About Howard Jimmies Demolition Company

Our Team is comprised of experienced individuals with an emphasis on safety and accomplishing each and every project with a principal of the Company directing the day to day operations. Howard Jimmie’s Demolition company believes in a “hands-on ownership” management style which means you always have a principal available on-site. This has established us as a proven, full services contractor, with practical experience and resources to design, schedule and perform our projects in a comprehensive and responsible manner.

What Our Customers Have To Say…

First, I want to say that I am not a client of this company, but I did witness firsthand a job they did this week that thoroughly impressed me. This company came in to demolish an Industrial type garage building right next door to the place I work. I will admit, when I first realized the building was to be demolished I really expected the worst. However, I must say, I have never seen such professionalism. Not only have they taken down the building, but the debris has already been taken off the lot and the ground leveled. This took less than 2 days. The workers were respectful, the demolition far less noisy than I expected, and I don’t believe I saw a single bit of debris anywhere other than within the marked off area, which was only a knee high plastic wraparound fence! All I can say is Bravo! If you need a testimonial, get in touch, I would be glad to give one. -— Google Review

Your staff conducted themselves very professionally and we were especially impressed with the bulldozer driver. We are now enjoying our empty lot. — Jim and Jane S.

Howard Jimmie demolished our house, driveway, and pool. The lot was 148 ft by 25 ft, and the home was made of wood frame and stucco. They hauled away all the debris and returned the site to grade. It went really well. I would highly recommend them. -— Gail C, Belleair, FL

I wanted to demolish a 4000 sq ft house with a 20,000 gallon pool made of gunite. Howard Jimmie’s did a pretty good job in making that possible. They cleaned up fine, and I had no trouble with them. -— Rudy D. Largo, FL

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